Selling Policy

First: seller's obligations

  • In the event the seller is an entity (company / Corporation), is obliged to the implement and procedure of this policy by the person duly authorized in accordance with the procedures of this entity, and If the seller is an individual, he must have full authority and capacity to commit and implement and procedure this policy.
  • The seller must provide accurate, clear and complete information about the products provided on the site, and not hide materials information related to the product offered for sale.
  • The Seller undertakes and guarantees the following:
  • He has the right and power to sell the products and dispose it.
  • There are no restrictions on the buyer to obtain the products or sell it to any third party.
  • All taxes and fees for products have been paid in full.
  • All the necessary permits to trade and sell the products have granted and obtained.
  • There are no any rights or obligations on the products to any third party.
  • Seller is obligated not to sell illegal or unsafe products or other prohibited products contained in the terms and conditions. We reserve the right to refuse products that fall under our prohibited items list.
  • Seller undertakes to waive products sold freely and without financial burdens to the buyer after the buyer has paid the full purchase price.
  • Seller undertakes and ensures that the specifications of the products sold will be the same as the standards of implementation and specifications advertised on the sales page.
  • Seller acknowledges that the products sold are free of all original or consequential rights in kind.
  • Seller is responsible for any defects in the products offered for sale.
  • We reserve the right to refuse products that are classified under our prohibited items list.
  • Seller retains full and exclusive rights to the products sold until he receives the full product price from the buyer.
  • In the event of force majeure that prevented the delivery of the products sold to the buyer at the expected delivery date, the seller must inform the buyer immediately and specify a new delivery time after the buyer's approval.
  • Seller is not responsible for delaying the delivery of products sold in case of emergency circumstances outside the seller's control.
  • Seller is prohibited from delivering products purchased from him except where the buyer has not performed its declared obligations or the seller or the site cannot authenticate the buyer's identity.
  • Seller must at the date of delivery of the products to the buyer, deliver it professionally in terms of completion and termination.
  • Seller is prohibited from trying to conclude transactions related to the products offered for sale or auction on the site outside the site.
  • Seller is prohibited from re-selling the products, which we believe the sale was successful.
  • Seller is prohibited from using communications resulting from the purchases or sales on the site, to perform sales transactions on other products directly or indirectly outside the scope in force at the site.
  • Seller undertakes to assume responsibility for after-sales services, warranties, guarantees, maintenance and any defects that may appear in its products.
  • Seller is not liable to the buyer if the latter refuses to receive the products within the specified time.

Second: Seller's Guarantees

Seller acknowledges and guarantees that:

  • He has the authority, licenses, permits, authorizations, property rights, approvals and authorizations for the products and that he can sell and promote the products through the site.
  • His products conform to the applicable quality and safety standards.
  • Seller is responsible alone for any products ordered or distributed through the site.
  • The order procedure and the sale of the seller's products through the site do not contravene any laws in force in the chosen country or the rights of others.
  • All products including materials supplied to guzelpazaar are original and free from defects.
  • Seller will not engage in unfair business practices and / or publish any inaccurate or misleading advertising or information about products through the site.
  • He will not sell consumables, defective or non-conforming products.
  • He understands consumers’ protection obligations as a supplier, and secures guzelpazaar against any losses or costs incurred in respect of the Seller's obligations under any laws in force in the selected State.
  • Seller undertakes to comply by the refund policy and re-price provided in the site at his own expense, where the products sold through the site are subject to return or refund during the period of return and re-price of the date of delivery of the products to the customer.

Third: compensation

  • Seller guzlaar reserves the right to indemnify and defend the Company and its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, representatives, and agents against any claim, loss, damage, settlement, cost or expense or other obligations (including without restriction of the law fees) arising from:
  1. The actual or alleged violation by Seller of any of the obligations contained in these Site Terms;
  2. Any other means by which the seller or its affiliates offer products or services other than the Site
  3. Your products (including display, sale, performance, and execution of orders)
  4. Any actual or alleged infringement of any intellectual property rights by any of the foregoing, and any personal injury, death or damage to property related thereto
  5. Any undertaking by third parties, the management or otherwise participation in the offer, sale, performance or execution of your product orders.
    • Seller agrees to compensate and protect us, our affiliates, officers, board members, employees, officials and agents of us, and those companies against any claim arising out of or relating to the product (s) of the orders executed by guzlaar (whether the property was transferred to us or not, and including This is any product of orders executed by
  • guzlaar that we deem to belong to you), including any personal injury, death or damage to property.


Purchasing Policy

First: How to buy from guzlaar 

You can buy from guzlaar with ease and convenience, where allows you to browse and search your products in a chain-safe way for all your needs. To start your purchase, follow these steps:

  1. Search and browse products

 If you are looking for a specific product, use the search box on the site and enter semantic words that reflect your search. Browse through a specific product category by using the "Browse All Categories" menu, navigate through your favorite categories, and after browsing and searching for the product you want, check the basic information and specifications displayed under each product. You can also use different rating options to determine which results Suit your needs - according to product and price features.

  1. Identify the product and add it to your shopping cart

After verifying product details, photos, specifications, and customer ratings, click the "Add to Cart" button if the product price and seller rating is right for you, or find out more products or vendors’ offers as per your needs.

  1. Review your shopping cart and login to purchase

When you add products to your shopping cart, you can continue your purchase of a product that you want to finish buying.

  1. Confirm your order

 Provide the required details and address details to receive your order, choose your appropriate payment method from our payment options, check your cart, shipping options, and payment method, and then click Payment to confirm your order.

  1. Continue your order until it is delivered to your door

You can always follow up your order as we work with reliable shipping services to deliver your products to your door as quickly as possible.

Second: Buyer's obligations

  • In the event the seller is an entity (company / Corporation), the purchaser is obliged to execute and procedure of this policy by the person duly authorized in accordance with the procedures of this entity, and if the seller is an individual, he must have full authority and capacity to commit and implement procedure this policy.
  • Buyer makes purchases products through guzlaar, when available by content providers, and you acknowledge that you purchase these products according to the terms and conditions specified by the content providers.
  • Buyer is obliged to pay the price of the products through the means of payment approved by the guzlaar site.
  • Buyer is prohibited from breaching its obligation to pay the price of the products unless the non-payment is due to a change in the specifications of products purchased or related issues after the bidding, or a clear typographical error occurred in the process.
  • Buyer acknowledges not to sell or dispose of the products in any kind of legal conduct except after full payment of the price.
  • Buyer must check the condition of the product and its conformity with the specifications presented on the site as soon as it received, and in the event of detecting any defect is found in the product contrary to the specifications, he must notify the seller immediately according to the refund policy or otherwise his right to security has fallen.
  • Buyer must even after receipt of the products sold- comply with all regulations and instructions regarding the use of these products, which are placed by the seller or guzlaar.
  • You know that the content posted on this site is for informational purposes only, and the product data posted on the site is private to the seller and is not submitted by us, and the opinions, comments, and reviews posted on guzlaar website are the opinions of individuals who publish the content and may not reflect our opinion.
  • Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the Site will not hold any liability on the content, actions, and responses of users, as well as the products or information they offer.
  • Buyer acknowledges that it is responsible for the security and protection of all information about its credit card provided upon purchase through our website and that guzlaar is not legally liable to you for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of the unauthorized use of your credit card details.
  • To avoid any fraudulent in credit cards or debit cards, we reserve the right to obtain proof of payment details prior to providing you with the product and to verify the personal information you have shared with us. Such verification may take a form of identity, place of residence, examination or banking information.
  • Buyer must abide with the terms and conditions of the policies available on guzlaar.